26 January 2024

Airless technology: carefully dosed products avoiding waste and contamination

At Kidaria we wanted all the care and attention dedicated to the formulation of our products to be evident from the first moment. Hence the decision to use airless bottles for the first line of Dionisia cosmetics.

Why an airless bottle for our cosmetics

When launching a new cosmetic product it is natural to focus on the formula and how to guarantee its properties for as long as possible. Precisely for this reason it seemed essential to us to choose innovative packaging that would protect the quality of its contents for the entire shelf life.

The advantages of airless technology:

Stop contamination

The main advantage of Airless technology is having a vacuum system that allows the product to be dispensed without letting it come into contact with the air, avoiding any contamination and prolonging its life. In fact, despite being the vital element par excellence, air is responsible for the deterioration of many substances, since contact with oxygen speeds up the oxidation and bacterial proliferation processes.

Fewer preservatives

Eliminating contact with the air also means avoiding contamination with bacteria of any kind. Cosmetics in jars, in fact, come into contact with the hands which can inadvertently “pass” germs and bacteria. To overcome this problem and ensure that products maintain their effectiveness, there is often a tendency to include a certain amount of preservatives, specifically to avoid degeneration of the active ingredients present in the cosmetic formula. However, in recent years, innovation has had a positive influence on the cosmetic sector, introducing systems to the market that ensure total hygiene, also allowing for less use of preservatives. This feature makes airless dispensers ideal for the most natural cosmetics.

Ease of use

Another of the most appreciated advantages of this type of bottle is that they ensure greater hygiene, are easy and pleasant to use and avoid any waste. The product is dosed perfectly, the bottle always remains clean but above all we can guarantee the same quality from the first to the last dispensing, which, taking place under vacuum, allows you to use all the product contained inside.