Scientific research meets nature and tradition

Our team of biologists and bioengineers characterized the antioxidant capacity and molecular composition of the extracts obtained from the pomace (skin and seeds) of various grapes grown in the Cinque Terre. Albarola, Vermentino and Bosco are the three varieties of grapes that have developed unique characteristics in this area. In our laboratories we compared the results obtained from various extracts to identify the optimal composition and obtain a cosmetic product with unique antioxidant properties. Finally, we developed an extraction process that does not require the use of aggressive solvents, which may damage the skin, and does not involve high temperature phases, which are known to affect the antioxidant properties of biomolecules.

Selection of Dionisia extracts, product quality and production process

The outcome of our studies led to a patented extract named Dionisia, which was found to be very effective in counteracting the oxidation of skin cells. Indeed, Dionisia is able to significantly protect the skin cells from free radicals, with a decrease of approximately 80% in cells stressed by strong pro-oxidative stimuli. To guarantee the quantity and quality of antioxidant polyphenols, the most important active ingredients of our extract, for each production batch their concentrations are monitored and their antioxidant properties are analysed.

Patented made-in-Italy formula
Absence of nickel and heavy metals
Dermatologically tested through clinical tests

The 3 S's of Source, Science & Sustainability

  • Source
    Our first line of cosmetic products, Dionisia, is based on pomace extracts, that is grape skins and seeds obtained from wine production. Traditionally, pomace is only partially exploited by wineries, sometimes used as a fertilizer or disposed as waste.
  • Science
    Thanks to our research on natural molecules, their antioxidant power and extraction methods, we demonstrated that the extract from Cinque Terre grapes is richer in polyphenols than others similar in nature, proving itself to be a precious resource
  • Sustainability
    The recycling of antioxidant molecules from our pomace guarantees sustainable production based on alternative upcycling: enhancing what is usually considered a by-product of wine preparation.