Natural beauty from the Cinque Terre

Kidaria Bioscience was born out of the growing demand for cosmetic products based on natural active ingredients in which the efficacy and safety of the product and the origin and sustainability of the ingredients are proven. Our story begins in Monterosso, one of the Cinque Terre, an area famous for its rugged and ‘angular’ natural beauty, already described by Dante, by Nobel Prize winner Montale, and appreciated by D’Annunzio for its food and wine. Dry stone walls and sheer terrain frame the vines that have been tended by hand for centuries. This centuries-old tradition gives life to cosmetics as unique as the Cinque Terre.

Nature meets science

To guarantee safety and effectiveness, Kidaria selects, studies and analyzes the molecular compositions of some plant extracts that are able to best protect the dermal cells. Products of the earth develop natural defenses to survive in extreme, arid and saline conditions, and this results in superior profiles and concentrations of antioxidant molecules to their counterparts grown in other more “hospitable” regions. Our team of engineers and biologists analyzes and studies these molecules to create formulations characterized by extraordinary antioxidant properties, scientifically proven by laboratory tests conducted with professionalism and competence. Thanks to our studies, we have obtained a patent to extract antioxidant substances for cosmetic use from a particular combination of grape varieties grown on site. Thanks to our studies, we have obtained a patent to extract antioxidant substances for cosmetic use from a particular combination of locally cultivated grape varieties.

Dionisia: a wine elixir

The Dionisia antiage line is formulated to enhance its main ingredient, the patented extract of grapes grown in the Cinque Terre, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that help combat skin aging. The raw material comes from a symphony of Albarola, Bosco and Vermentino grapes, also the basis of the famous Sciacchetrà, which has surprising antioxidant properties. With these products we want to bring the “Touch of the Cinque Terre” to everyone’s skin, so that everyone can benefit from the characteristics that Mother Nature has bestowed to the fruits of this territory.


Our aim is to study excellent local products, enhancing their use in the cosmetic field. Kidaria’s desire is to become a reference point in the Made in Italy cosmetics sector, carefully formulating products for the daily skincare of all skin types, which are deeply rooted in the evocative territory of the Cinque Terre. Scientific research is the tool through which we discover natural ingredients and extracts to offer you a genuine beauty experience.

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