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Vegetal extracts
for cosmetics, nutraceuticals
and biomedical research

Vegetal extracts
for cosmetics, nutraceuticals
and biomedical research

Science meets tradition in the blue heart of Liguria

Startup Mission & Vision

In Cinque Terre territories, the particular climatic conditions, the soil, and the human selection allow the development of plant varieties particularly rich in natural antioxidants (such as grapes, olives and basil DOC).

Kidaria BS is dedicated to the production, detailed biochemical characterization, tests on human cells and selection of vegetal extracts from Cinque Terre with remarkable antioxidant/antiaging properties for cosmetic and nutraceutical products.

Products are based on natural extracts from locally grown natural products: grape
derivatives, olive leaves, basil.

Products from these extracts belong to three main lines

Science meets tradition in the blue heart of Liguria

Science, source and sustainability

Value proposition and competitive advantages

  • Detailed biochemical characterization   (metabolomics, antioxidant assay, polyphenol detection, HPLC and FTIR).
  • Superior amount of antioxidant polyphenols.
  • Remarkable protective effects on human dermal cells (~80% decrease of reactive oxygen species-positive cells).
  • No thermal degradation, no aggressive solvents. 
  • Low extraction costs.
  • Airless packaging to avoid oxidative degradation.
  • “Green” sustainable approach for planet, health and profit.
  • Traceability of raw material, grown in the renowned Cinque Terre.
  • Vegan and organic certifications when appropriate.
  • Strong network in Cinque Terre, with close connections with wine producers and entities in the tourism sector.
  • Last generation instruments, specialized know how and developed collaboration network.
  • Marketing and sales will benefit from tourism.
  • All the tests required for its commercialization have been performed and certifications have been obtained.
  • Possibility to expand the production to other natural products, such as antiaging anticellulite creams, antioxidant solutions against hair loss, protective eyedrops, antioxidant supplements for macular degeneration, and other anti- degenerative solutions.

Next products of Dionisia's line

Skin care, hair care, food supplements, toothpastes and eyedrops.


International team including both women and man. Proven track record in engineering, biology, materials science, business administration and management.

Market, trends and target segments

Cosmetic Antioxidants Market

The cosmetic antioxidants market is driven by a rise in aging population, increasing disposable income, and changing lifestyle of consumers. The growing demand for cosmetic antioxidant products such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anticellulite creams, particularly in emerging countries, has fueled the skin care segment.


(Italian patent request 02020000015493; filed on 26/06/2020). Know-how and patent of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. Smart Bio-Interfaces Pontedera (Pisa)

Team & Competences

International team including women and man. Proven track record in engineering, biology, materials science, business administration and management.

Gianni Ciofani (PhD, Principal Investigator)

Scientific Advisor, PI of Smart Bio-Interfaces Research Line. Leader and expert in the field of nanomedicine. Prof. Ciofani is originally from the Cinque Terre. He is an important Scientific Advisor with strong network in the territory and close connections with wine producers and local entities in the tourism sector.

Attilio Marino (PhD in Biorobotics)

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Attilio Marino is a Post Doc biologist at the Smart Bio-Interfaces Research Line. As a biologist, Attilio is important for the tests on cells. He followed different courses for entrepreneurs. He is author/co-author of 10 publications on ISI journals and 1 patent concerning antioxidant countermeasures against reactive oxygen species.

Melis Emanet (PhD in Genetics and Bioengineering)

Chief Technology Officer, The focus of her work in Kidaria Bioscience project is the in vitro tests on cells of the antioxidant formulations and nanomedicines. Thanks to her specific competences in genetic and bioengineering fields, she is analyzing the genetic profile of the cells in response to the different antioxidants, in order to elaborate safe and protective formulations.

Patrycja Marino (MSc in Business Administration and Management)

Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Patrycja Marino contributed to the elaboration of the business plan and, due to her specialized competencies in marketing, customer relationship, management and business strategies, she will be responsible for promoting the brand, creating business partnerships and managing customer relationships.

Kidaria Bioscience originated in the framework of the studies carried out at the Smart Bio-Interfaces (SBI) Research Line of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).

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