Natural antioxidants
from Cinque Terre


“Make your skin beautiful today, and preserve it for tomorrow”

Natural antioxidants from Cinque Terre

“Make your skin beautiful today, and preserve it for tomorrow”




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The cream contains the Dionisia ANTIOXIDANT EXTRACT obtained in our laboratories from selected grapes of the Cinque Terre. 

We received exciting feedback from our first users!


     your skin

     with Dionisia”

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Science, Source and Sustainability

In our laboratories, we select the best antioxidant formulations for your skin

Traceability of the raw material, Green approach

Detailed laboratory testing on human skin cells

Selection of the most performant formulations


(Italian patent request 02020000015493; filed on 26/06/2020). Know-how and patent of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. Smart Bio-Interfaces Pontedera (Pisa)

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Mission & Vision

In Cinque Terre territories, plant varieties particularly rich in natural antioxidants originate from the peculiar climatic conditions and agricultural traditions

Kidaria selects the molecular compositions showing the best antioxidant and antiaging properties for your skin

Kidaria will improve the cirular economy of the territory by respecting the traditions of the Cinque Terre

Products are based on natural extracts from locally grown natural products.

Product Lines 

The Future is Green

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Science meets tradition in the blue heart of Liguria

Team & Competences

International team including women and men. Proven track record in engineering, biology, materials science, business administration and management.

Gianni Ciofani (PhD, Principal Investigator)

Scientific Advisor, PI of Smart Bio-Interfaces Research Line. Leader and expert in the field of nanomedicine. Prof. Ciofani is originally from the Cinque Terre. He is an important Scientific Advisor with strong network in the territory and close connections with wine producers and local entities in the tourism sector.

Attilio Marino (PhD in Biorobotics)

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Attilio Marino is a Post Doc biologist at the Smart Bio-Interfaces Research Line. As a biologist, Attilio dedicates his know how for the tests on cells. He is author/co-author of 10 publications on ISI journals and 1 patent concerning antioxidant countermeasures against reactive oxygen species.

Melis Emanet (PhD in Genetics and Bioengineering)

Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Melis Emaner is a skillful biotechnologist with competences in material science and genetics. The focus of her work in Kidaria Bioscience is the in preparation and characterization of the extracts. She analyzes the molecular and biochemical properties of the natural extracts to elaborate safe and protective formulations.

Patrycja Marino (MSc in Business Administration and Management)

Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Patrycja Marino elaborated the business plan and, due to her specialized competencies in marketing and customer relationship strategies, she will be responsible for promoting the brand and managing customer relationships.

Kidaria Bioscience originated in the framework of the studies carried out at the Smart Bio-Interfaces (SBI) Research Line of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).

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